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Public Relations

The Public Relations (PR) Committee is the brand manager of the YWCA of Bombay. The PR Committee engages with both the internal and the external stakeholders of the YWCA. The Committee strives to create awareness of the vision, mission, programmes, activities and facilities of YWCA of Bombay. The Committee does this by promoting, organising, and disseminating YWCA’s objectives and cause with the public at large, through various social media platforms, traditional media and in-person engagements. It also liaisons for the organization with various governmental authorities and corporates.

Their Work:


  • The Public Relations Committee looks into all communication aspects for various committees and YWCA as a whole. 
  • It arranges for the preparation of banners, placards, posters etc for various events. 
  • It conducts need- based training for members and staff on various topics like better communication,coping with stress etc. 
  • It assists in documentation, and other handiwork like a pocket calendar which displays the programmes of YWCA.
  • It endeavours to make YWCA known through newspaper displays of events to the public like ‘Safety of Women’,  Environmental Protection etc. 
  • It ensures the updation of website on a regular basis 
  • The Annual Report and other documentation is sent out in time to members and benefactors with the help of this committee. 
  • It is involved in contributing articles to the ’Jottings’ which is the monthly newsletter of YWCA of Bombay. 
  • Many initiatives have been taken by this Committee in the previous years to bring to light the good work being done by YWCA in different areas for the welfare of women, children and youth.