Spiritual Emphasis

The main focus of the Spiritual Emphasis committee is to impact all its members and residents alike with life-changing values. We strongly believe God is at work in the YWCA in building up each and every member in their personal and spiritual growth as well as strengthening the organization. We glorify God and pray that we will become effective tools in His Hands for the extension of His work in this world.

World Day of Prayer

  • The World Day of Prayer service is prepared each year by a committee of Christian women from a different country.
  • The first Friday of March every year is celebrated as the World Day of Prayer all over the world and is a special occasion in the YWCA calendar.

Week of Prayer

  • Prayer Fellowships are conducted for the members of the YWCA at different locations within the city.
  • Bible study, quizzes and readings are conducted for the members are conducted in the YWCA centres in the city.