Our Commitments

Our Commitments

  • To empower women to demand justice against social, cultural, economic and political injustice.
  • As inheritors of the Christian faith and heritage, be called upon to be initiators of change through process of partnership in action.
  • To enable women of all ages, caste and creed to address issues, initiate action and generate alternatives suitable to local situations.
  • To sensitize our membership towards prevalence of violence against women and children and struggle for the elimination of all forms of violence and discrimination against them.
  • To build awareness on lack of participation in political decision-making process and the lack of political will towards health care, educational needs and effective implementation of legal provisions.
  • To sensitize our members on the degradation of the environment.
  • To make our mission a reality.
  • To open our membership to all women.
  • To network with organizations concerned with human rights.
  • To initiate and advocate attitudinal changes in family, society and to promote change in society and to promote change in state policy.

Our Engagements


The YWCA provides housing for young women who migrate to cities.


The YWCA International Centre, a medium sized guest house is situated in Mumbai.


Engaged in community programmes across Mumbai like WDU, Asha Kiran etc.


YWCA is conducting a Bakery exhibition at the YWCA Byculla.